About the blogger

My name is Devin Prater. I’m a 26 year old technical assistant, Christian, gamer, accessibility advocate, blind person, Science Fiction and Fantasy reader, and computer aficionado. I come from the state of Alabama, where things move slow and there’s cornbread and chicken, and football is the sport. I’d much rather eat something quick and simple, and read, than watch sports and go places.

I grew up at the Alabama School for the Blind, learning plenty of scholastic information, but not much about how to live. So, I’ve had to figure it out on my own; my morality, my ideals, my way of life. I’ve been helped by many who have taut me, and whom I now work with. This upbringing, as well as my vision of accessibility, and what could be, makes my content stand out among the drab, emotionless views of other writers among the blind community.

About this blog

This blog will contain my musings on subjects as varied as accessibility, blindness, open source, Apple, Microsoft, screen readers, Emacs, Emacspeak, Christianity, emulation, copyright, and just about anything else. I plan to cover plenty, much of which doesn’t seem to be talked about anywhere else. I know, that’s what everyone else says, but perhaps my writings will prove me right, or they may not.

If you’d like to contribute, please make a pull request to the Github repository. This can include guest posts, article corrections, and fixes to the HTML, Javascript, or CSS that makes the blog work. Contributions are always welcome.

Please note that when I speak of accessibility, I am speaking from the perspective of a totally blind person with some light perception. Because I cannot live the experiences of a person with some vision, or deafness, Autism, paralysis, or cognitive disabilities, I will rarely mention accessibility in regards to those disabilities. This is not to demean these groups, I simply do not know enough to comment or have an opinion.

My Projects

Below, you’ll find links to projects that I’m working on. Contributions are welcome.

Contact me

Email: d.prater@me.com. You can find other contact links below.